Mediatek Shows Off Super Slow Motion Capability of Its MT6795 Processor Chip

The octacore Mediatek MT6795 is a powerful piece of kit that's for sure, but along with blazing performance it also packs a neat super slow motion feature.

Mediatek are shaping up to be the victors of 2015 and the MT6795 processor will be part of the reason they do so well. The chipset offers all the hot features (octacore, LTE, 64bit) that we expect from a flagship processor along with some great camera features.

One feature that Mediatek are especially excited about is the ability to record super slow motion video. Currently slow motion 120fps video can only be captured at 720p, but the latest Mediatek chip manages a whopping 480fps at 1080p!

The video below gives us a small taster of what we can expect from the video features on up coming MT6795 phones, we cannot wait to try one out!

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